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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC) XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360)

Release Date - 27/09/2013*

The classic 1990s strategy game is reinvented for today's gamers in XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

XCOM Enemy Unknown places you in command of a secret paramilitary force as an unknown enemy attacks. You'll need all your wits as you command your troops in turn-based battle and upgrade their tech by managing your resources and advancing their weaponry to ensure they are ready for any situation.

XCOM: EU updates the traditional turn-based controls with contemporary gameplay and visuals. The story expands too, as you face the enemy on a global scale. With 70 intense missions, you'll need to adapt and enhance your strategy – and your chosen teammates - as you lead the way into heated confrontations.

Know your enemy! Grab XCOM: Enemy Unknown today.

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A dense, rewarding, and intelligently designed game that never makes you feel cheated when you die, and one of the best examples of a title that is equally at home on consoles and PC
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New maps, new tactics and new enemies await in XCOM: Enemy Within.

This expansion pack for Enemy Unknown adds a host of new features to take your missions further. New mods and abilities will enhance your soldiers, new weapons and MECs will enhance your arsenal, and new maps and challenges will enhance the campaign mode – all of which you'll need to master to take on the new alien threats. Plus, multiplayer gets new maps, units and abilities to keep you playing online for longer.

XCOM Enemy Within for PC is an expansion pack that requires a copy of Enemy Unknown to play, while the XCOM: Enemy Within Commander Edition for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 included the original game, giving you everything you need to join the fight!


This expansion proves the definitive version of XCOM, adding a great deal of content and blending them all neatly into the core concepts the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown. GAME's Verdict – 9/10
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