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League of Legends

    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
    • League of Legends Screenshot
  • New to LoL?

    League of Legends is an exciting free-to-play game that introduces players to the competitive world of Runeterra. Battle on a team against other players as one of 130+ different champions, each with unique abilities that can give you an edge in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that has become one of the biggest games in the world. Level up your mastery as you strive for glory.

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    League of Legends Champions and Skins
  • League of Legends - Points Cards

    Acquire your LoL RP cards at GAME

    Top up your Riot Points with these cards. Riot Points can then be used to unlock various items, Including:

    • Champions to represent you in battle.
    • Champion and Item Skins to transform and personalise them.
    • Boosts to increase the rate at which you earn experience and influence points.

    Please Note: This is a physical product that will be sent through the post.

  • League of Legends Merchandise - Exclusive to Stores
  • League of Legends Merch and where you can find them

    Support your favourite Champion with our amazing range of League of Legends merchandise online and in store. From t-shirts to Funko Pop Vinyl figures, you are all set for the battle arena- complete with bragging rights!

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    League of Legends Merchandise
  • League of Legends merchandise is available in the below locations:

      • Hull Prospect

      • Metrocentre

      • Lincoln

      • Canterbury

      • Edinburgh

      • Kettering

      • Bedford

      • Middlesborough

      • Derby

      • Portsmouth

      • Camarthen

      • Woking

      • Folkestone

      • Trafford Centre

      • Stevenage

      • Swindon

      • Kendal

      • Banbury

      • Gloucester

      • Nottingham Victoria

      • Bracknell

      • Norwich

      • Bath

      • Cardiff

      • Wigan

      • Crawley

      • Arndale Centre Manchester

      • Leicester

      • Chelmsford

      • Watford

      • St Austell

      • Chester

      • Plymouth

      • Glasgow Braehead

      • Lewisham

      • Bromley

      • Leeds Headrow

      • Belfast

      • Liverpool Lord Street

      • Southampton

      • Bullring

      • Glasgow The Fort

      • Teeside

      • Stratford

      • Weston Favell

      • Wolverhampton

      • Dudley (Merry Hill)

      • Glasgow Union Street

      • Livingstone

      • Preston Deepdale

      • London Wardour street

      • Bristol Cribbs Causeway

      • Milton Keynes

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