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Downloading on PC

How to download on PC

A wide range of PC games, as well as expansion packs and other add-ons, are available on to download. This means instead of a game arriving the post, we'll send you an email containing a link - and often an activation code - so that you can download the game straight onto your computer.

PC downloads can be ordered like any other product from the site, and at the same time as other products. The only difference is we won't ask for a delivery address when you check out!

Pre-Purchasing PC Downloads

Pre-purchasing your PC Downloads is a bit like preordering any other games or products from our site, but with an important difference - payment is taken at the time of ordering, not at the time of release. The game will be activated on release day for you to start playing straight away.

I've Lost My Activation Email

If you should lose the email that contains the activation code for your PC download games, expansion pack or other content, don't worry – we can now re-send the missing code to you.

Simply head to My Downloads and follow the instructions and we'll be able to re-send you any activation codes you're missing.

Download instructions

Please note:

As PCs can have different specs, check your PC can run the game you are ordering before downloading it. Once you have completed your purchase of a PC Download, we cannot issue a refund as receiving an activation email is the equivalent of opening a physical box.

Games containing install keys or specific DRM (Digital Rights Management) may have an installation quota - the number of times a game can be installed (most commonly 3). This quota is determined by the publisher.

You may experience a delay in receiving your code as high value orders may need to be checked before processing.

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