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Tear into the undead with a chainsaw-wielding cheerleader in Lollipop Chainsaw for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

From the crazy minds of SUDA 51 comes a story of love, high school and zombie carnage as you step into the sneakers of 18 year old cheerleader Juliet Starling, who just happens to be a Zombie Hunter!

Decimate the undead horde by combining your cheerleading acrobatics and chainsaw to deliver brutal combos as you fight to discover the cause of the mass Zombie outbreak that has turned teachers and students into your fodder.

But you're not alone in your battle against the zombie horde, as your sisters, Cordelia and Rosalind, and bodiless boyfriend are there to offer their own special skills.

Rev up, before you rip 'em up and order Lollipop Chainsaw now!

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