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BEYOND: Two Souls (PS3) BEYOND: Two Souls Special Edition (PS3)

Release Date - 11/10/2013

Blur the lines between movies and games in the immersive new experience BEYOND: Two Souls, exclusively for PlayStation 3.

Created by the makers of Heavy Rain, BEYOND: Two Souls pushes the PlayStation 3 to its absolute limit, with photo-real graphics and story-telling that go beyond anything that has been seen before, featuring stunning performances from Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

BEYOND: Two Souls is the story of Jodie, a young girl who is linked to a mysterious entity she calls Aiden, with powers beyond normal people. The events of 15 years of her life are explored, but not necessarily in the correct order, examining the relationship between Jodie and Aiden, and driven by the professional curiosity of scientist Nathan Dawkins.

Powered by a brand new engine, the most emotionally-charged moments of Jodie's life between the ages of 8 and 23 are yours to experience. Switch between controlling Jodie and Aiden through each of the radically different challenges, and shape the course of the story with every action you take and decision you make impacting the outcome of the game.

BEYOND: Two Souls is brought to life through the performances of its two Hollywood stars. Every facet of Page and Dafoe's performances have been scanned, captured and recreated, with some of the best acting ever seen in any game and promising a truly engrossing dramatic experience.

Push yourself to the limit and order BEYOND: Two Souls today!

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Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition

Go even further with the BEYOND: Two Souls Special Edition, complete with bonus in-game content and other extras to fully immerse you in the world of Jodie and Aiden

Special Edition Includes:
• Premium steel book
• Exclusive extra game scene
• Game soundtrack
• Dynamic themes
• Avatar pack
• Making Of featurettes

GAME Exclusive PlaySation 3 Console Pack

Play Quantic Dream' Beyond Two Souls and Naughty Dogs The Last of Us on a new PlayStation 3 Slim with this epic package containing both games, PS3 Slim and Dualshock 3 controller.

Beyond: Two Souls Demo

Get access to the Beyond: Two Souls demo, giving you the chance to experience Quantic Dream's latest PlayStation 3 exclusive! Simply preorder your copy of Beyond: Two Souls or purchase selected PS3 consoles and you'll be emailed a unique code for PlayStation network that will grant you the first look at the demo!

Visually stunning with graphics that really push the PS3 to the limit and with a great central performance from Ellen Page, Beyond: Two Souls is a unique game that demands your time. GAME's Verdict - 7/10
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