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Dead Space 3 - Out Now!

Isaac Clarke's battle with the Necromorphs continues in Dead Space 3 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Return to action with new friends, new enemies, new weapons and new gameplay, as Issac's origins - and those of the ice planet Tau Volantis - finally get explored as he makes his way through space, ships, and hostile planet environments.

The white blizzards of the ice planet may be a stark contrast to the black of space, but the dangers of the unknown are still something to fear. The creatures on-board for this instalment include Fodders, Feeders, the Snow Beast and more!

Dead Space 3 also introduces a partner for Isaac - John Carver joins for drop-in/drop-out co-op action gameplay. A new cover system and evasive rolls keep the focus on avoiding Necromorphs, while teamwork introduces new and effective ways to deal with the alien threat.

Order Dead Space 3 and blast those Necromorphs back where they came from!

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