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Welcome to Dunwall, a city where steampunk technology meets the mystic arts. Welcome to Dishonored.

Dishonored for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC is one of the most exciting new titles for 2012, offering an exciting twist on the first-person shooter with a variety of powers and weapons. Once the bodyguard for the empress you were framed for her murder, and now use your abilities to seek revenge, and expose the darkness within the city.

Dishonored boasts a flexible combat system that means you can play the game as a stealthy assassin or an aggressive killer. This challenges you to improvise and be creative with the powers and weapons you use, from teleportation, to possession, to stopping time itself. And each choice you make will affect the world around you, and the way you move through that world.

Are you ready to use your powers and cleanse the murk from the city of Dunwall? Order Dishonored today!

Dishonored: GAME Exclusive Special EditiDishonored: GAME Exclusive Special Editi
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