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Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line

Dubai. A glittering beacon in the endless desert. Until the desert reclaimed it with a devastating sandstorm.

That was six months ago. Suddenly a mysterious radio signal suggests there are survivors, and in Spec Ops: The Line, your mission is to head back into the city to investigate and evacuate whoever is sending that signal. But what should be a simple rescue mission turns into something you and your team never could have prepared for.

Dubai makes for an exciting and original location. The ruins provide the cover you need in a third-person shooter, but it can also be blasted away by gunfire. And the orange-hued sand not only sets this game visually apart from other shooters, but when it whips up into sandstorms it can radically change the environment.

Spec Ops: The Line dares to challenge your expectations of what a shooting game can offer. No longer is it 'shoot first, ask question later'; the questions - and decisions - the game demands of you are tough moral choices. What is the 'right' decision? And who really needs rescuing here?

Are you ready to step into the darkness at the heart of war? Order Spec Ops: the Line today!

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