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Darksiders II

Prepare to face the Apocalypse again in Darksiders II for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U!

Darksiders II continues the story from the original Darksiders. But where the first game followed War, we now follow his fellow Horseman Death. Awakened by the world ending prematurely and smelling a rather large rat, Death heads off on a quest of his own to find out who - or what - is responsible.

As Death, you'll make your way through a series of all-new dungeons and locations, spanning a much larger world than the original game. Each location has its own mini-quest to complete, mini-boss to defeat, and loot to reap, offering a RPG-like element amongst the action of the Abyssmal Plane.

Where War was a hulking brute, Death is more nimble and ninja-like, wielding his Harvester scythe like the world's scariest majorette - or splitting it in two for dual-blade action. You also have the Ghost Hand grappling hook to help with those hard-to-reach areas!

In this game, Death is what you make of him. There's changeable armour to choose from, and skill points to be gained as you make your way through the levels and quests. Plus you can build your way up to your giant Grim Reaper form for those times when size does matter.

Boasting stunning visuals and satisfyingly crunchy sound effects each time you take out a goblin, golem, or any other enemy in your path, Darksiders II promises a game that's as fun as it is freaky.

Ready to play a game with Death? Choose Darksiders II today!

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