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It's the next big thing in 3D gaming - the Nintendo 3DS XL!

For anyone who thought the 3DS screen was just a little too small, Nintendo presents the 3DS XL, the newest member of the 3DS family which boasts a whopping 4.8 inch screen - that's 90% larger than the screen on the 3DS!

The larger screen means you can enjoy the spectacular 3D graphics and gameplay that the 3DS has to offer even more than ever. The battery life is bigger than the 3DS, too, so you have extra time to enjoy the extra large graphics and gameplay. Plus you'll even get a 4 GB memory card in with the console for an extra large memory!

The 3DS XL comes in a range of colours - Red, Blue and Silver - and can play all existing 3DS titles, and, like the 3DS, most DS titles too.

If you really want to excel at 3D gaming, you want the 3DS XL - order yours today!


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