• Dishonored 2 Screenshot
    • Dishonored 2 Screenshot
    • Dishonored 2 Screenshot
    • Dishonored 2 Screenshot
    • Dishonored 2 Screenshot
    • Dishonored 2 Screenshot
  • Dishonored 2

    Release date: 10.11.16

    Corvo, the assassin with otherworldly abilities returns in the next chapter of the Dishonored saga. Set 15 years after the events of the previous game, the dreaded rat plague has faded out of existence and Dunwall is beginning to return to its former glory under Empress Emily Kaldwin's rule. But a mysterious supernatural foe has arisen and usurped her from the throne. Now exiled to the exotic location of Karnaca, players must choose to play as either Corvo or Emily and use their unique skills to reclaim the throne. Choose to stalk your opponents in the shadows or cut a swathe through Karnaca with your fearsome abilities. But remember, your choices will impact the world around you.

  • Dishonored 2 Standard Edition

    As either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca - a once-dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the Mark of the Outsider and powerful new supernatural abilities, hunt down your enemies and forever alter the fate of the Empire.

    Dishonored 2 Standard Edition
  • Dishonored 2 Collector's Edition

    Show your love for Dishonored 2 with the Collector's Edition, which includes a whole host of great collectibles and in-game bonuses.


    • Corvo Attano's Mask and Stand - Dimensions: 13.5" (H) X 6" (W) X 5.5 (D)
    • Emily Kaldwin's Ring and Display Box
    • Full Colour Propaganda Poster
    • Game and Collectible Legacy Metal Case
    • Digital Imperial Assassin's Pack - Discover exclusive bonecharms, new lore and art. The Imperial Assassin's Pack also includes 500 coins to acquire new gear from illegal black market shops.
    • Digital Copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition
    Dishonored 2 Collector's Edition
  • Dishonored 2 Limited Edition

    Dishonored 2 Limited Edition

    15 years have passed since the Lord Regent was vanquished, but now a new threat has emerged and usurped Emily Kaldwin from the throne. Revisit the original game with Dishonored: Limited Edition; which includes a download for Dishonored: Definitive Edition, a fully remastered version of the award winning title.


    • Dishonored 2
    • Dishonored: Definitive Edition Download (Digital Code)
  • Dishonored 2 Preview

    Read: A peek through the keyhole of Dishonored 2

    Lucy plays “The Clockwork Mansion” - a preview level of Dishonored 2 - check out her thoughts on one of the most anticipated games of this year.

    “That's the fantastic thing about Dishonored. You can go in like a madman with guns blazing, lobbing grenades at people and causing pure mayhem whilst you manically laugh at their demise. Or, you can stick to the shadows, skirt around corners and balance along ledges, only rendering foes unconscious when you absolutely need to. For the pros out there, you can even enter the building and eliminate your target without a single person even knowing you're there. No matter which way you want to play, the level still continues seamlessly.”

    • Pegi 18, Arkane Studios, Bethesda

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