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Take to the open road in Forza Horizon - Out Now!

Forza's legendary authentic driving experience is back, but it's taken a turn away from the track and into the festival circuit and the wide open spaces of Colorado. Only on Xbox 360, Forza Horizon is the franchise's first open-world game, complete with realistic open-road driving where every bumpy road and dusty track is felt.

But there's still plenty of chances to compete. The Horizon Festival offers plenty of events to put your skills on the line, or challenge other drivers in street races - and put your pink slip on the line! Both career mode and multiplayer offer contests and competitions to keep you at your best, while the Limited Edition gives you even more cars and VIP Membership to go even further.

And when you're not driving, the Horizon Festival is your home away from home, a place where cars meet culture, where motoring meets music, and where you get the chance to party between races.

Drive towards the Horizon and order your copy today!

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