Everything you need to know about the PlayStation Vita

Meet PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is more than a handheld games console; it's a versatile entertainment system that delivers great gaming, movies and music for when you're out and about. First released in 2012, the Vita was available in Wi-Fi and 3G flavours, giving gamers the option of how connected they wanted to be. Now the PS Vita has been given a slight upgrade and available as WiFi only.

The Vita features a great list of pick-up and play games as well as games that will keep you hooked for hours, including Borderlands, Uncharted, Final Fantasy and Killzone to name some of the huge franchises currently on PS Vita.

But it's not all about games on PS Vita; through the PlayStation Network you can rent or buy the latest Blockbuster films and TV Shows to download and watch when you're out and about. You can also load music onto the PS Vita so you can march to the beat of your favourite bands.

PlayStation Vita Slim

In February 2014, Sony released a slimmer PS Vita. Slightly slimmer and lighter this redesigned PS Vita gave gamers a more comfortable console to hold for longer gaming sessions and even included 1 GB of built in memory and an impressive battery life, giving you up to 6 hours worth of gameplay!

Featuring rounded edges and matte effect on the rear of the console the Vita Slim was found by many to be a more comfortable console to use for gaming! The Vita Slim changes how we've come to play handheld consoles, with its” touchscreen and rear touch pad, the Vita Slim offers you brand new ways to play and enjoy some of the biggest games around!

PlayStation Vita Slim Console

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PlayStation Vita Games

PlayStation Vita Games

Whether it's shooters, driving or platforming the PlayStation Vita has games for almost everyone.

The portable Powerhouse has a wide variety of games available on physical cartridges and as downloads, giving you the freedom to choose how you buy your games. When the PS Vita launched back in 2012, it showed tremendous promise launching with some of SONY's most loved franchises, such as Uncharted and Wipeout 2048, but has now spawned some of its own success story's new to the Vita, Tearaway and Toukiden.

But the best is still on the horizon with more than 40+ games on the way from small independent studios and from the big powerhouse developers, including Freedom Wars, Lego Batman 3, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Tales of the Borderlands there is still so much to play!

PlayStation Vita Multiplayer

Grab a friend and explore the harsh world of Borderlands 2, charge into a futuristic battle in Killzone: Mercenary, or, prove your superiority and beat them at FIFA 15.

Through Wi-Fi or Ad-hoc multiplayer, you can play with or against your friends on the PlayStation Vita games that have Multiplayer support. Whether it's for dominance on the battlefield or the pitch there is a great selection of coop and competitive games for PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita Multiplayer

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PlayStation Vita - Portable Power

Play anywhere and everywhere!

Through Remote Play, you can play supported PlayStation 4 games on your PlayStation Vita meaning that you won't need to argue over the TV anymore.

Simply pair your PlayStation Vita to your PlayStation 4 and you can instantly take control of your PlayStation 4, whether you're in the same room or not. If you're not at home, you can even turn on your PlayStation 4 if it's been left in Sleep mode, when you connect over Wi-Fi, so you can keep playing your favourite games.

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PlayStation Plus on PlayStation Vita

Get more from your PlayStation Vita experience with PS Plus!

PlayStation Plus gives you access to free games every month and spreads across your entire PSN account, so if you have a PS4 and PS3, your Plus membership is valid against those too! You'll gain access to exclusive offers and discounts on the PlayStation Store as well as online storage so you can back up your game saves.

PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Vita - Portable Power

Pure Power In Your Hands

The PlayStation Vita is a versatile, multimedia entertainment device that expands and enhances your gaming experience. The portable powerhouse, play games, movies and music, connects to your PS4 whether you're in front of it or at your favourite coffee shop.

So whether you're a casual pick and play gamer or someone looking to extend their gaming experience, the PlayStation Vita has something for everyone.

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Stream your games and movies!

With PlayStation TV you can stream your games and movies from your PlayStation 4 to another TV, meaning you don’t need to argue over the TV any more.

PlayStation TV is easy to set up and easy to use, just set up PlayStation TV with the TV you’ll be using, register it to your PlayStation 4 to enable remote play, pair a DualShock 4 and you're done. Now you can take control of your PlayStation 4 and play away from the console.

You can access all the content installed to the PlayStation 4 and play discs that are sat in the disc drive. Also with PlayStation TV you can play compatible PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS One games on the big screen.

PlayStation TV