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Battlefield 3 Premium

Battlefield 3 Premium

Prepare to own the battle with Battlefield 3 Premium.

Locked and loaded with new and special content, Battlefield 3 Premium is your chance to not only play all the upcoming expansion packs two weeks early, but to customise and equip your soldier with in-game items not available anywhere else - and all for a single, one-time fee.

Battlefield 3 Premium membership includes all five themed expansion packs, including 'Back to Karkand' and 'Close Quarters', as well as an impressive and unique array of weapons, dog tags, camos and decals to customise and personalise your soldier. On top of this, you'll get queue priority for our servers, access to exclusive Double XP weekends and other events, and even the ability to rest your stats.

Do you want to stand out on the battlefied? Join up with Battlefield 3 Premium today!

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