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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS comes in several colours to suit your style and is packed full of software and features such as the touch sensitive second screen and high clarity 3D visuals that make you want to take your 3DSwith you wherever you go.! Wirelessly swap Mii's and messages via StreetPass, intercept 3D videos and game updates, even whilst your console is asleep.

What is StreetPass and SpotPass? - StreetPass and SportPass allow 3DS systems to seamlessly trade game data between consoles just by passing another 3DS owner or through a connected Wi-fi hotspot, even when the console is asleep. Swap lap times, Mii, Ghost Data, personal challenges, in-game gifts and items and more in an instant. Use your collected StreetPass Mii to battle monsters and save a noble king in StreetPass Quest and to unlock 3D dioramas from classic Nintendo games in Puzzle Swap!

Other Features
• Send messages to your friends through Nintendo LetterBox (free download required)
• Capture photos and video in both 2D and 3D)
• Watch 3D videos provided by EuroSport (free download required)
• Bring games to life in the palm of your hands or in your living room with AR Cards, and much more...

Bring games to life and take home Nintendo 3DS!

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