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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS. The first step in 3D, handheld entertainment, allows you to interact and experience your games like never before. Nintendo 3DS breathes more life into your favourite Nintendo characters, pulling them out of your screen for the first time ever. 3D without glasses is only the start of the 3DSes impressive list of features.

Touch Screen - Interact intuitively with your 3DS games through the power of touch! Poke, prod and stroke your pets in Nintendogs + Cats, select battle commands via touch screen menus and write messages to your friends.

Gyroscopes - Shake, tilt and turn your 3DS in 3D space to control the action! Take to the skies in your Arwing and battle through intense space missions by moving and tilting your console in Stafox 3DS or command a submarine periscope, to spot and pursue your enemies in Steel Diver.

Backwards Compatible - Play all of your best DS titles on your Nintendo 3DS, thanks to the backwards compatibility! You can also download the most memorable Gameboy/GBC and NES games via the Nintendo eShop!

Don't go anywhere without your 3DS, pick up yours today.

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