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Halo 4 - Out Now!

Master Chief has finally returned to Xbox 360 in Halo 4, the first chapter in the Reclaimer Trilogy. The plot is centred around the 'holy' planet of Requiem and the ancient Forerunner race, and a new alien threat has emerged, an ancient evil that will become Master Chief's greatest enemy...

Halo 4 continues to evolve combat, combining trademark Halo gameplay with a wealth of new additions. The in-depth campaign leaves you shipwrecked and facing enemies with deadly technology, but you've got new weapons and vehicles of your own, plus the chance to achieve Specializations and improve your skills in everything from heavy weapons to finding drops faster.

Add to this intense new multiplayer modes like War Games and Spartan Ops which will continue to expand your experience of the game well beyond its release, and it's clear that the universe will never be the same again.

Rev up the Warthog once again and grab your copy of Halo 4 today!

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