The Order 1886 Collectors Edition (PS4) The Order 1886 Collectors Edition (PS4)

Release Date - 20/02/2015

An ancient enemy and civil uprising await in the cinematic, third-person PlayStation exclusive The Order 1886 for PS4.

In The Order 1886, you'll be transported back to a re-imagined Victorian era London, where advanced technology and mythology collides you join a centuries old battle against a powerful and ancient foe, the Half Breeds. But it's not just mythological beasts you'll be facing as Rebels threaten the Order and the police state they stand for.

You'll face the dangers ahead with advanced weaponry such as the Arc Gun, Thermite Rifle and Combo Gun as you explore Landmark locations within this alternate London. As Sir Galahad, you'll stand tall defending the world and its people with the other Knights of the Order, who each have their own unique personalities and quirks, in this cinematic and visually breath-taking title from Ready at Dawn.

Buy The Order 1886 and arise as a Knight of The Order!

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The Order 1886 Blackwater Edition

Contained within the stylized Collector’s box you'll find all manner of treasures to enhance your experience as a Knight. Show your colours as Galahad and Isabeau, with their woven coat of arms, watch unreleased behind-the-scenes footage and display the centre piece of the Collector’s Edition, a Replica Knights vial pendant with prid.

The Blackwater Edition Includes:
• Replica Knight's vial pendant
• The Order: 1886 Game
• Woven coat of arms patches for Isabeau & Galahad
• Symbol stickers
• Artwork postcards in wax sealed envelope
• Preorder DLC (Knight's Arsenal)
• Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks
• Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage


The Order 1886 Limited Edition

Order the Steelbook Edition of The Order 1886 and you'll also get access to exciting digital bonus content, The Knight's Arsenal DLC.

The Knight's Arsenal DLC includes:
Red Lightning Pack - Red Knight Uniform and Arc Rifle Prototype weapon
Arsonist Pack - Black Knight uniform and Arsonist Rifle weapon

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