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Excuses to Play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Excuses to Play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Excuses to Play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Calling all Call of Duty fans, it's time to get your head down and get playing the newest title in the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here at gamestation, we know you want as much gameplay as possible but that real life has a horrible tendency to get in the way of dedicated gameplay.

So, gamestation has come up with a way to help you get the most gaming hours possible in those crucial first few days - a bunch of believable (if you need them to be) top tips* in case you need to 'call in sick.'

After all, who wants to spend up to 7 and a half hours, 5 days a week stuck at work when you could be honing your gaming skills on Modern Warfare 3.

The lowdown

First and foremost, the main thing is to be believable, calling in sick with a bad back then jumping into the office two days later will not go down well...the following will help you seem convincing yet will also not leave your colleagues in the lurch - see we can be nice too!

Complain about fake symptoms - A day before your 'sick day', make hints about your flu by casually talking about your (untrue) flu-like symptoms throughout the whole day to your colleagues. For example, say that you're getting a headache, have aching muscles and have been overwhelmed with tiredness. Start sniffling and coughing and mention that you're getting a fever as this way your co-workers can make the connection to your symptoms from the day before. Additional things to do include complaining about being freezing and put on as many clothes as you can if you office is boiling hot. Vice versa, if your office is freezing cold complain that you're boiling and go around opening as many windows as possible. NB It is vital that you DON'T overdo things; teeth chattering, shivering and swooning are generally best avoided unless you are convinced you have the acting abilities to pull it off.

Call your boss early the next morning - Noticed how croaky your voice can be when you first wake up? This will make your sick call even more believable when calling your boss first thing. But don't forget to call as early as you can - you want to provide as much notice as possible, a grumpy boss left in the lurch is less likely to be sympathetic to a boss who is still getting an idea of what they have to do that day.

Make the call a short one - Don't waffle, you may get tongue-tied or worse make an unbelievable excuse to fill in the pauses. Keep it short and say that you are not coming because you are sick with whatever illness you have chosen. 24 hour stomach bugs or food poisoning are common sick day excuses.

Think strategically - If you were playing Call of Duty would you make a major move without having a think about the best way to go? No. It's exactly the same with sick days; if you are planning on pulling a sickie make sure you don't give yourself away beforehand to your colleagues. For example don't say you are going on a night out and then call in sick the next day or talk about how you're lining up at midnight to get a copy of the game. Try as well to avoid Monday's and Friday's as these look suspiciously like you are trying to get a long weekend....

A little bit of make-up goes a long way - Gents, maybe this might seem extreme but bear with us. No one wants to look their best after pulling a sickie, the look you are going for is feverish and tired and a bit of purple eyeshadow under your eyes can really help. Likewise, a smudge of Vaseline along the forehead gives a great clammy, just got out of bed with flu look.

Possible illnesses which are believable.

Again remember this is a short burst of sickness, you need to be better or nearly better when you come back to work. Limps, cuts, bruising or anything visible are pretty much a no go, but the below could help should you need them...

  • Food poisoning - particularly seafood can bring on sudden bouts of sickness - an extra top tip for that extra believability factor is to tell your colleagues loudly that you are off to your favourite seafood restaurant the night before
  • Migraines - useful as they can come on very suddenly but remember you may need to take another one shortly afterwards or say that you have suffered from them previously - maybe take a look to see when your next favourite game is coming out?
  • Throat infection -a few days of whispering and being quieter than normal can be very convincing if done well

So there you have it, a few helpful hints to help you on your way to fully focused gaming. Best of luck and we hope you get 'better' soon.

*Disclaimer: We know you will do anything for gaming but note the above top tips are for entertainment use only. We are not responsible for misuse of the above suggestions and any implication of misuse of the above provided is unintentional.