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GAME Meets: Assetto Corsa

We caught up with leading man Marco Massarutto from Italian studio Kunos Simulazioni after a few laps for a quick chat about their stellar racing sim Assetto Corsa. We wanted to find out a bit more about the history of Kunos Simulazioni and what makes Assetto Corsa the next best racing simulator for any racing fan out there.

You can either watch the interview above, or have yourself a read at the full interview below!


MM: I'm Marco Massarutto and I'm the co-founder of Kunos Simulazioni and executive producer, so I'm the producer of the video game Assetto Corsa.

GAME: For those who don't know, can you give us an overview of Assetto Corsa & how it all started?

MM: Our first production has been Netkar Pro in 2005, 2006 sorry, and it wasn't a very successful production since it was our first experience in this genre and we made a very good amount of mistakes, but the core of the simulation, the core engine was very good and it brought out the interest from some different car manufacturers.

So we started to work closely with them, and we have collected in five years all the requests, suggestions, requirements and working with them we developed a very good know-all.

This means that the car manufacturers that use Assetto Corsa today don't use a video game, the point is that the gamers that Assetto Corsa today use the same simulation, with the same depth that we granted to the car manufacturers.

GAME: Did you ever expect Assetto Corsa to come to consoles?

MM: Never! The success of the game has gone over our best expectations. When you do something, a video game, a book, a movie, you don't have any idea, you hope it will be successful but you don't have any idea.

In the beginning, since Assetto Corsa has been designed to be a proper simulation, and simulations are much for a niche area of users and when journalists started to write things like "Assetto Corsa is the Gran Turismo on PC", we started to recognise and think "hmmm what's happening?"

Because, Gran Turismo inspired a lot of our work so we used some of the 2013 Christmas break holidays to work on console to see if we were able to create something on PS4 because this is our first porting.

So when 505 worked out their proposal, we accepted this because we believed that we could do it and it looks like we did it so let's hope that people will appreciate what we have done!

GAME: What puts Assetto Corsa ahead of the competition?

MM: It's the driving experience that you can achieve, because quite often "realistic" has been intended as difficult or too challenging.

But if you go over to your car on the track in the real world and you start to run some laps I don't think that you are going to kill yourself at the first bend, I hope at least haha!

But why? You can run some laps to learn the track or to learn how the car feels on the track, but you can stay easily on the track without killing yourself.

Why? Because you can understand easily, because it's real what the car is doing, and when you understand it you can drive in the proper way.

If I bring you a realistic simulator, you can understand easily what the car is doing also in the simulation. So unless you do very stupid things you can stay easily on track and then you start to learn and then you start to push and push to find the limit of the car and this is exciting.

This is something that usually racing games don't achieve. What we see in a lot of racing games, cars are much more of an object, than cars, something that you can collect. In Assetto Corsa, cars are cars, something that you can drive.

This is what we feel is the most important difference and I think that a lot of people are looking for something like that.

It's not just a matter of power in the car or grip or so on, each car is different from any other like in reality, so that if you get 100 cars in the simulation, you have a 100 simulations.

GAME: Has the racing genre reached its peak, or is there more to be discovered?

MM: You will never reach the peak exactly like in real life. Take Formula 1, and if in each year you keep the technical rules the same for the next ten years, which is a dream that will never happen, you will never reach the peak.

There is always margin for improvements in any field, whether it's aerodynamics or the mechanics and so on.

It's the same for the simulators because we find something every day that we can do in a different way or better.

We believe that the performance we have on PC we will have on Next Gen consoles and further in the future, maybe VR visors and things like that can help to guarantee a wider and better experience also in terms of immersion and feeling and so on.

GAME: Describe Assetto Corsa in three words...

MM: Immersive, real and authentic.

So there you have it, and if there's ever a time to pick up a fantastic driving game, it's April 22nd when Assetto Corsa hits store shelves and redefines the meaning of racing simulator.

Published: 21/01/2016

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