New Tomb Raider is the 'best'

The newest game of the Tomb Raider franchise is set to be the best of the lot so far, according to a report. states on its website that "Tomb Raider Underworld is set to be the best looking game of the series so far".

Reasons for its high expectations are based on actions within the gameplay that make the title more realistic.

One of these features is the extra attention paid to the environment in the title and how the actions of the game's lead character affect it.

An example provided by the piece is that once an enemy is killed, rather than their body just vanishing as has been the way in past titles, the body will simply remain on the ground.

The movements of Lara Croft may also be undergoing improvement with the game developers looking at ways to use motion capturing to make her movements appear more fluid.

Croyden receptionist Alison Carroll was recently unveiled as the new public face of Lara Croft for the next year.

She will now promote Tomb Raider: Underworld up until its November release.

Published: 20/08/2008

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