CVG reveals Mario Kart Wii details

Video website CVG has released some details about the much-anticipated Nintendo Wii title, Mario Kart Wii, which will be released in the UK in April.

Getting straight to the nitty-gritty, gamers will be able to enjoy classic tracks from existing versions of the game such as DK Mountain, Mario Raceway and Shy Guy Beach, as well as new tracks such as Moo Moo Meadows, Kinopio Factory and Coconut Mall.

There will be bikes to race, as well as karts, providing the opportunity for wheelies (by shaking the Wii Remote) - but be careful, because this leaves you more prone to spinning out.

Motion controllers work in a similar way to Excite Truck - "A steep tilt in either direction will cause you to make a sharp turn, whilst a light dip eases your character over to that side," CVG says.

Tactical changes include a warning sound when a powered-up kart is approaching from behind, and new weapons like the Lightening Cloud (temporary super speed) can be deployed.

In terms of characters, there are 16 to choose from (including all the usual suspects), and Miis can also be chosen as drivers.

Multiplayer will allow for up to 12-player racing using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

Super Mario Kart was one of the most popular games on the Super Nintendo when it was released in the early 1990s.

Published: 29/02/2008

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