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Pokemon returns to stores with HeartGold and SoulSilver

Pokemon fans have been notified that it's time to catch 'em all once again with the launch of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver for DS.

Nintendo has reminded that the latest additions to its phemonenally popular series have now arrived in UK stores, allowing players to go hunting for Pikachu and co in the verdant world of Johto.

The new games are enhanced remakes of the Game Boy Color classics Pokemon Gold and Silver, the first entries in the series to introduce an in-built clock and fan favourite critters such as Togepi.

For their 2010 iteration, both games have been overhauled with modern graphics and sound, as well as a host of never-before-seen features.

Most prominently, both new games come with a special pedometer called the Pokewalker, which allows players to carry their favourite monster around with them and earn bonuses as they walk around.

The titles will also be fully compatible with older DS Pokemon titles such as last year's Pokemon Platinum, allowing players with different versions to trade and battle together.

Published: 29/03/2010

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