Batman: Arkham Asylum demo out this week

Comic book fans keen to get a first taste of the anticipated new Batman adventure Arkham Asylum will be able to download a demo for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this week.

Gamers who download the trial version of the game from Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Network will be able to take control of the Dark Knight as he finds himself caught in a trap set by the Joker, thereby pitting him against some of the titular madhouse's most notorious inhabitants.

Publisher Eidos is promising the most intense adaptation of DC Comics legend yet with Arkham Asylum, which is set to feature striking graphics, a fluid combat system and a rogues' gallery featuring iconic characters like Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Scarecrow.

Meanwhile, voice work will be provided by an all-star cast led by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and the Joker respectively, reprising their iconic roles from the 90s classic Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman: Arkham Asylum will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this month.

Published: 05/08/2009

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