Secrets revealed about Alien Vs Predator game

Although it is not due for release until some time in 2010, developers Sega and Rebellion have been unable to contain their excitement about their forthcoming Alien Vs Predator multi-platform title.

Fans of the phenomenally successful Fox movie franchise may already be aware that the game is in the pipeline, but anticipation is likely to mount even more now that the developers have revealed a few exciting details.

Players will be able to participate in the game from three different perspectives - a fierce colonial marine, the Alien or the Predator - gaining diverse insights from a human point of view, that of a lethal and mindless murderer, and the technologically-advanced hunter.

Developers have warned that this will be a visually horrifying first-person shooter.

Chief executive officer and creative director at Rebellion Jason Kingsley commented: "Our new technology will enable us to produce a truly terrifying and visceral experience."

To seriously delve into the world of Aliens, keep an eye out for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 title Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Published: 22/05/2009

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