New life for Need for Speed

New life is to be breathed into the Need for Speed franchise following the announcement of some new titles, targeted at different genres.

Two titles will be released in the autumn – a simulation title called Need For Speed Shift and an arcade racer entitled Need For Speed Nitro – before the release later in the year of a free-to-play online title.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Keith Munro, vice-president of marketing at developers EA, stated that the company has reached the decision based on fan input.

He said: "Our fans have been sharing with us their varied takes on the racing genre and it is clear that despite the huge mass appeal of Need for Speed's action-driving games, there are large groups of consumers who appreciate different takes on racing games.

"A few years ago we decided to respond to this reality, so we are taking the franchise down some new paths by delivering three distinct experiences: simulation, action and arcade."

The latest title to be released by the franchise is Need for Speed Undercover, with the game being set in the fictional city called Tri-City.

Published: 02/02/2009

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