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Rockstar is clearly getting into the Christmas spirit, as it has detailed a new free update for GTA Online that is guaranteed to have you celebrating peace on Earth. Well, maybe not peace...

Available as part of a free update for Grand Theft Auto 5, the Festive Surprise bundle adds loads of seasonal treats to the multiplayer portion of the game. As well as some new vehicles, new properties to own, new tattoo designs and a rather tasty homing missile launcher, there are more playful items too.

You can now dress up in winter onesies, or in bobble hats and Christmas jumpers. The game's weather will be triggering snow at certain points over the holidays, and you'll be able to have snowball fights when it happens. In-game retailer Vespucci Movie Masks also now has a selection of festive faces to try on, including elves, snowmen, reindeer and gingerbread man masks.

More specific gifts include special Holiday Crate Drops between now and 5 January, containing some exclusive items you may have missed earlier in the year. On Christmas Day itself you'll receive a gift in your apartment, where you'll find a new Christmas tree decoration item as well.

There will also be a time-limited firework launcher weapon, available in game from 24 December to 5 January. That will be free on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, for maximum celebratory explosion fun.

There's even a Snapmatic contest to take part in. Just use the in-game camera to capture of shot of you and your friends having some winter hijinks, tag it with #FestiveSurprise and Rockstar will grant $1m in-game currency to the best shot.

Once again, all this content is free – you just need to be playing GTA Online, which is included in Grand Theft Auto 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Just be thankful that Rockstar doesn't care if you're naughty or nice!

Published: 22/12/2014

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