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With Christmas fast-approaching, we can't help but reminisce of the younger days when we'd unwrap the season's hottest game and shut out the world for the rest of the day for some much needed game-familiarisation. Whether it was a blast from the past classic like Sonic the Hedgehog or a fresh new release like Grand Theft Auto V, nothing matches the sensation of adding a newbie to your collection.

This holiday-season we didn't want to just remind you of the good old days but also give you heads up on which game is front-of-mind for some of our favourite gaming bloggers. So, we've created a nifty infographic for you to get an idea of what classics you could be bringing back into your gaming repertoire and which new releases you may want to put on your list to Santa. We were very interested to see which releases they're anxiously awaiting the arrival of, games like Assassin's Creed: Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition and not so surprised the most popular first game featured Super Mario in one of his many disguises. We also asked what gaming console to-date is best overall and greatest game of all-time so have a read and let us know what your fondest gaming memory is, whatever it may be we're sure we'll be creating new memories this New Year.

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Published: 11/12/2014

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