The Witcher 3 to offer tiered armour and possibly haircuts

CD Projekt Red has revealed that the grizzled hero of The Witcher 3 will have more fashion choices open to him in his latest game. Monster hunter Geralt will be able to equip four different types of armour: Wolf, Cat, Griffin and Viper.

"They’re related to the Witcher schools, so the Wolf is not the only one," art producer Stan Just told VG247. "They come in four different levels, and you can only achieve the highest levels by crafting the previous ones. That will hopefully engage the players into getting into the quests that’ll enable them to gather all of the parts of the set, get the bonus stats and achieve the final stage of the armour. The final stages of those special armours are really, really impressive in terms of artistic style."

Customisation is apparently going to be a key theme of the game, which marks something of a departure for a series which has always maintained the iconic look of its hero. Does that mean players will be able to sculpt Geralt's beard or even – gulp – chop off his famous white ponytail? "It will be... we’re still considering it," admitted Just. "For example, we heard a lot of things about the hairstyle. A lot of people asked us about the beard and whether it will be trimmable or not. It’s still to be decided, but we do hear the voices of the fans."

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out in February for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Published: 20/08/2014

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