Arkham Knight slips into 2015

Batman Arkham Kngiht Release.

Just as Batman slips into the shadows of Gotham, so his next game outing, Arkham Knight, has slipped back into 2015. The game was originally set for release this October.

Much the same thing happened with Ubisoft's Watch Dogs last year, of course, and the reasoning is pretty similar: more time is needed to make sure the game is the best it can be. Arkham Knight will mark the conclusion of developer Rocksteady's Batman trilogy (last year's Origins was made by a different studio) and the team clearly wants it to be the best in the series.

"We just want to make the best experience we possibly can and we need more time to do that," Rocksteady's Guy Perkins has told The Escapist. "I think what we've shown so far is a super ambitious project and we just want to make sure we are giving Batman fans and gamers the best Batman experience that we can possibly deliver and that just takes time. I think we would be doing fans a disservice if we didn't spend the time on the title."

To make up for the delay – and perhaps to make the wait even more agonising – the studio has also revealed more details of the Batmobile we'll finally get to drive in the game. It has a combat mode, you see, in which a 60mm gatling gun pops out of the roof, capable of ripping through armoured enemies. If that sounds a little deadly for the famously non-lethal Batman, don't worry – the gun is designed for automated drones. Batman still packs stun weapons when fighting human foes, and has even surrounded the Batmobile with tasers to repel enemies on foot, in case they get run over. What a caring vigilante he is.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. More news on the revised release date when we get it.

Published: 04/06/2014

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