Xbox One: Most Wanted Games of 2014

New consoles often experience a drought during the first year of release, with new games hard to come by. Not so with the Xbox One. Microsoft has a stellar lineup of titles slated to arrive throughout 2014. With this in mind, here are five games we can't wait to get our hands on.

Titanfall on Xbox One at GAME


Release Date: 14/03/2014

It's difficult to read about Xbox One games without seeing the word Titanfall, and for good reason. This futuristic and multiplayer-only first-person shooter is currently in development at Respawn Entertainment, a company comprised of former Infinity Ward (think Call of Duty) employees. With this in mind, gamers will wage war in numerous battle-scarred environments that comprise The Frontier, both on foot and inside multiple classes of 24-foot-tall Titans packing serious firepower. Naturally, these exoskeletons can crush pesky humans and toss them around like dolls, but there are benefits to staying on foot, particularly when it comes to wall-running and using jetpacks to move around. We'll see you on the battlefield.

Thief on Xbox One at GAME


Release Date: 28/02/2014

Master stealth abilities in Square Enix's gorgeous-looking Thief, where violence is often a last resort. Playing as master thief Garrett, gamers will explore a corrupt world known as The City, pick-pocketing enemies and navigating the environment with a grappling claw. Focus mode gives them the chance to slow down time- the better to steal things with- and Garrett's collapsable bow (with a plethora of arrow types) will make short work of his enemies. Over time, players will slip into mansions undetected, explore dank allies and dominate rooftops, solving challenges a myriad of ways depending on their personal play style. This should provide a welcome change from rushing into battles guns blazing, so long as gamers have the patience.

Dying Light on Xbox One at GAME

Dying Light

Release Date: TBC 2014

Fans hungry for more zombie action will line up for Dying Light, a horrifying first-person adventure from Warner Bros. and Dead Island developer Techland. Featuring a realistic day-to-night cycle, gamers must forage for supplies in the daytime in the hope of making it through the evening, when the slow-lumbering infected become much tougher and, dare we say, hungrier. A detailed crafting system gives players the chance to boost a weapon's effectiveness, transforming an everyday wrench into an electrified barb wire instrument of death, while acrobatic manoeuvres let them make daring escapes as they run up walls and jump across rooftops. It's OK to fear the dark. Just make sure to keep a sledgehammer handy.

Watch Dogs on Xbox One at GAME


Release Date: Spring 2014

Explore Ubisoft's vision of Chicago in this highly anticipated open world game, where nearly every piece of electronic equipment is subject to being hacked. Stealing money from people's bank accounts pales in comparison to manipulating traffic lights, activating security measures to thwart police and controlling cameras to make a quicker getaway. The fact that missions play out in different ways, and computer-controlled characters behave unexpectedly, forces you to adapt under intense pressure. Create a 30-car pileup, listen to other people's cellphone conversations and stay connected to the world via a separate mobile game. Watch_Dogs has been a longtime coming, and quite frankly, it cannot arrive soon enough.

Alien: Isolation on Xbox One at GAME

Alien: Isolation

Release Date: TBC 2014

Plenty of developers have spent the past 20 years trying to capture the frenzied intensity of the movie Aliens, complete with hundreds of enemies and high-powered weapons. Not since the old days have we seen a game that pays homage to Ridley Scott's iconic 1979 film, Alien, and that will thankfully change later this year with SEGA and The Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation. Playing as Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda, gamers will go in search of her mother and come face-to-face with a single Alien. Instead of blasting the creature to pieces, players must use their wits to outsmart the monster by creating distractions and crafting makeshift items. This emphasis on survival horror should make Isolation one of the scariest Alien-related games on the market, while the developers' attention to detail borrows 1970s elements from the movie, from Nostromo inspired architecture to music heavily inspired by the official soundtrack. Play it alone, and no one will hear you scream.

Published: 16/01/2014

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