Best Downloads of 2013 - Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice

This past year has proven yet again that download-only games are not mere diversions to pass the time until, say, Grand Theft Auto V touches down. In fact, it could be argued that 2013's best downloads were every bit as enthralling as their big-boxed brothers...

The Wolf Among Us on Xbox LIVE at GAME

The Wolf Among Us

Xbox 360

Based on the Fables comic book series, this episodic graphic adventure from Telltale, the creators of The Walking Dead game series, puts you in the trousers of Bigby Wolf, a 'cop' policing a secret community of fairy tale characters in New York who finds himself trying to solve a grisly murder. Expect sharp characterisations, great dialogue and imaginative scenarios to come as standard in a series that we suspect will become a bona fide classic over its running course.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons on Xbox Live at GAME

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Xbox 360

Guide two brothers across a fantasy world on a quest to save their father's life using an ingenious control system that sees the control of each brother assigned to their own individual analog stick. What starts off as typical fantasy fare soon descends into something entirely darker as you guide the brothers, using them together to overcome puzzles and uncover a startling twist.

State of Decay on Xbox live at GAME

State of Decay

Xbox 360

While PS3 players enjoyed the brilliantly bleak The Last of Us, Xbox 360 owners were in for their own zombie treat in this breakout hit, one of the finest open world games we've had the privilege of playing in recent times. Coming back from a fishing vacation, you discover the undead have taken over, and must survive the outbreak, building communities and scouting for supplies, all while trying to get the hell out of Dodge, well, Trumbull Valley. Scary but often funny, SOD is an unmissable bargain.

Resogun on Playstation 4
 at GAME


PlayStation 4

The first thing you should know about this PS4 exclusive is that it's free if you sign up with PlayStation Plus. The second is that this is no shoddy free-to-play arcade blaster but from the makers of the PS3 classic Super Stardust HD. Riffing on the arcade game Defender, save survivors from aliens while blasting said invaders to bits in this voxel-powered side-scrolling shooter. Twitch gaming bliss.

Published: 31/01/2013

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