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Dark Souls II: developer promises no DLC, no microtransactions

If you're looking forward to picking up hardcore RPG sequel Dark Souls II in March, you can rest assured that it'll be a one and done deal. Speaking with games mag Edge, producer Takeshi Miyazoe of developer From Software has announced that they have no plans to create additional downloadable content for the game.

"For Dark Souls II, we don't even expect any additional downloadable content because we want to deliver a full game, the full experience, to fans who purchase the package from day one," Miyazoe said. "We did do additional content for Dark Souls, but generally downloadable content for Dark Souls II is not really being considered. Buy the package and you'll get the full experience, and you'll have as much fun as anybody else."

He doesn't have much time for the idea of evolving the game into a free-to-play experience either. Publisher Namco Bandai has created F2P spin-offs for Soul Calibur, Tekken and Ridge Racer, but it sounds like that's a line From isn't prepared to cross.

"With Dark Souls I think it would be hard to monetise in that way," he explained. "Pay per death? That would be terrible. From Software especially don't want to allow players to pay for an advantage. Spending a couple dollars on certain items does not help the experience. So no free-to-play yet!"

Dark Souls II is out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 14th.

Published: 20/12/2013

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