Gran Turismo 7 may come to PS4 next year

Gran Turismo 6 hasn't even come out yet, and the PlayStation 4 is still a week away, but the game's creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, is already planning the next game in the series for SONY's next gen console.

"We don't want to take too long on Gran Turismo 7," Kazunori told Top Gear. "Best-case scenario? Next year. In GT6 we really had to tune the software 100 per cent to maximise the PS3's architecture, but of course the PS4's hardware is much better, so I think the overall quality of the game across the board will be boosted when you come to play it".

He even has some nice things to say about Forza, Microsoft's rival racing sim. "We always respect our competition," he says. "The racing genre isn't really that big in its entirety, so I'm glad that everyone works hard to boost the genre as a whole."

Yamauchi, who is an accomplished race driver in real life, also shares a story of his encounter with the BBC show's famous Stig. "I sat next to Stig on track once," he says. "He spoke to me in morse code, I think. He's very good, I like the way he drives. He drives more like a street racer than a track racer, the way he controls the car, letting it slide. I like his style. But I think he was more nervous that I was in the car with him."

Gran Turismo 6 is out on December 6th for PlayStation 3.

Published: 22/11/2013

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