Review Roundup: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Say what you will about Nintendo, but while the company may not have launched a new series in many years, it knows exactly how to conjure magic from the ones it already has. Case in point: the latest Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, which is garnering almost unanimous praise from reviewers.

"I want to let the experience roll around in my brain for a while before I decide where it ranks among the best entries in the franchise, but I can say with confidence that it should be spoken in the same breath as A Link to the Past," reads Game Informer's glowing 10/10 review. "In every way, A Link Between Worlds is exactly what you want out of a Zelda game," it concludes.

"One of the most refreshing, original and unconventional games the franchise has ever produced," reckons Digital Spy's five star review. "A Link Between Worlds is a refreshing experience and another Nintendo 3DS masterpiece."

A 9.8 score is on offer from the Game Trailers review. "A rare accomplishment that recaptures the spirit of classic Zelda," it says. "It takes the series into new territory much like its SNES counterpart did two decades ago, and it might be the most significant revision to Zelda's structure since the landmark release of Ocarina of Time."

And it's a 9.4 from IGN as well. "Between Worlds recaptures the spirit of adventure that gave the early games Zelda their potency, and lays out a vision for Zelda games still to come," is their verdict. "It's at once intensely nostalgic and powerfully novel, unpatronising and cerebral. As a Zelda fan, I couldn't wish for much more."

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is exclusive to Nintendo 3DS and is out on November 22nd.

Published: 18/11/2013

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