Gran Turismo 6 lets you race the 1971 Lunar Rover

Polyphony Digital, the studio that lovingly crafted the Gran Turismo series throughout its fifteen year history, has released a list of every car you'll be able to drive in the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. It's quite a selection, numbering a staggering 1197 digital recreations of real world vehicles, 124 of which are brand new to the series.

It is, as ever an eclectic selection, covering everything from small hatchbacks to sleek coupes, powerful supercars to retro muscle rides. There are outlandish concept cars and nippy rally cars. And there's also...a moon buggy? Yes, nestled in amongst the shiny new Lambos and Corvettes is the Lunar Roving Vehicle LEV-001 '71, as used on the Apollo 15 mission.

A new trailer confirms the inclusion, showing the Lunar Rover doing what it does best - roving on the lunar surface. Whether this means that there will be low gravity races on the moon remains to be seen, but the vehicle is most definitely drivable in the game.

In fact, GT6 seems to have an astronomical streak running all the way through it. Polyphony has also revealed that the game features realistically rendered night skies, with accurate constellations that will move across the heavens in real time. Not that you'll notice such fine details while hammering a Bugatti Veyron around a hairpin.

Gran Turismo 6 is exclusive to PlayStation 3 and launches on December 6th.

Published: 05/11/2013

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