No more Modern Warfare, says Infinity Ward

We're mere days away from the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts, but that hasn't stopped the gaming press from pondering what 2014 and beyond might hold for the series. According to Infinity Ward, whatever it is, it won't be Modern Warfare 4.

Speaking with Official Xbox Magazine, the studio's community manager, Tina Palacios explained that as far as Infinity Ward is concerned, the Modern Warfare story is done and dusted. "With the storyline, we knew that we wanted to end the Modern Warfare franchise, and we wanted to go in a new direction," she said. Instead, the developer is now all about Ghosts and where that game might lead.

"I can say that our focus and only focus is on Ghosts right now as it is, and we have no other plans at this time," Palacios explained. "When we were creating Ghosts, we really got inspired by Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, just by how he looks. It made sense for these soldiers we have in Ghosts who want to hide their identities would have the same masks and face paint. I think it would be safe for me to say that just knowing the characters from our previous games didn't have a backstory, that's what really pushed us forward. We thought we need to really establish that."

Infinity Ward isn't the only studio that works on Call of Duty, of course. Treyarch, creator of the Black Ops strand, will be working on something, and Sledgehammer Games, which contributed to Modern Warfare 3 is also supposedly working on a COD title of its own.

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches with an appropriate bang on November 5th, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC, as well as for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ahead of their respective consoles.

Published: 29/10/2013

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