GTA and The Last of Us win big at Golden Joysticks

The Golden Joystick Awards 2013 were held on Friday October 25th, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody the critical and commercial juggernaut we call Grand Theft Auto V took home the top prize of the evening, for Game of the Year. The rest of the awards were very evenly spread across a number of deserving candidates, however, illustrating just what a great year this has been for games.

SONY's The Last of Us took home the most awards, winning for both Best Newcomer and Best Storytelling, while developer Naughty Dog was named Studio of the Year. Bioshock Infinite won for Best Visual Design, while creator Ken Levine was given the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award.

Payday 2 took home Best Multiplayer, a well deserved win for the plucky indie game sequel in the face of steep blockbuster competition, while Far Cry 3 won Best Gaming Moment for the bit where lunatic tropical pirate Vaas offers his definition of insanity. If you've played it, you'll know the part in question. If you haven't...well, you really should.

Elsewhere, The Witcher 3 was dubbed Most Wanted, Oculus Rift was named Innovation of the Year and the brilliant downloadable stealth game Mark of the Ninja won Best Indie Game. Speaking of indie games, that humble underdog shooter Call of Duty was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

All in all, a deliciously varied list. How many have you played?

Published: 28/10/2013

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