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Dark Souls II getting a short but sweet PS3 beta

PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat this weekend. SONY has announced that on Sunday 27th October you'll be able to play Dark Souls II, over four months before it's released.

The catch? You'll only be able to play for three hours. It's a server test, you see, so while they need lots of players online at once, they don't need you for very long. The first Dark Souls was famously punishing, but three hours is plenty of time. You can probably complete the game. Twice.

You'll need to get up early to sample this early taste of From Software's foreboding epic. The test starts at 7am GMT and runs to 10am, at which point it will be locked away again. Announcing the trial on the PlayStation Europe blog, SONY advises that the demo can be preloaded, allowing you to spend the three hours actually playing, rather than watching a progress bar and pacing nervously, with one eye on the clock.

Dark Souls II launches on March 14th next year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Published: 25/10/2013

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