Review Roundup: Grand Theft Auto V

Even in an age of annual blockbusters and continual hype, it's great to see that the right game at the right time can still generate genuine buzz, excitement and passion. That game, of course, is Grand Theft Auto V, a title fans have waited five years to play and one that seems guaranteed to be the biggest release of 2013, if not all time.

But is it any good? "Well, duh" is the obvious answer, but it's worth checking out the unanimously glowing reviews just to see what an amazing job Rockstar has done.

"Rockstar has spent five years, and an insane amount of money, building a game that is not only bold enough to step away from expectation, but brave enough to revel in its combined history as well," reckons X360 Magazine in its 10/10 review for what it calls "a game that makes many next-gen releases look dubiously incomplete".

GamesTM delivers another 10/10 for "a product that represents the peak of the blockbuster triple-A form, that realises grand ambition without visible compromise", and there are top marks too from IGN, which declares it to be "a preposterously enjoyable video game, but also an intelligent and sharp-tongued satire of contemporary America. It represents a refinement of everything that GTA IV brought to the table five years ago."

Even the posh papers have been won over. "The pinnacle of open-world video game design and a colossal feat of technical engineering," gushes The Telegraph, while The Guardian praises "the sheer seductive force of its vision."

Surprised? Of course not, but it's still invigorating to see one of the giants of modern game design knock it out of the park before the next console generation kicks off.

Grand Theft Auto V is out right now - RIGHT NOW - for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Published: 17/09/2013

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