Play as Niko Bellic's offspring in GTA Online

The countdown to GTA V can now be measured in days rather than months or years, and every new bit of information just makes the game sound even better.

The latest fact cake to emerge from Rockstar's news oven is the rather bizarre hereditary system that you can use to create characters for use in GTA Online, the persistent multiplayer world that is part of the GTA V package.

Using this system, you'll be able to create new characters by first selecting their parents, then telling the game whether to favour the father or mother's genetic code. If you buy the Collector's Edition of the game, some of the parental options available to you will include previous GTA stars such as Claude and Misty from GTA III, and GTA IV's Niko Bellic.

As well as dictating their appearance, you'll be able to set lifestyle parameters - including how much time they spend with family and friends, how much criminal activity they engage in and how much time they spend sitting around at home. These will all dictate how the character looks, and what sort of skills they have.

It all sounds like a more RPG flavoured version of the character elements from GTA San Andreas - appropriate, given that GTA V returns to the same mean streets of Los Santos to tell its story.

GTA V is out on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version is also planned.

Published: 28/08/2013

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