Watch Dogs will be 'systemic', not scripted

Ubisoft's upcoming cyberpunk hacking thriller Watch Dogs is being designed to offer a reactive game world that will change how you play, rather than following a tightly scripted linear path. That's what lead designer Danny Belanger has told GamingBolt.

"This is truly a systemic game," Belanger said. "A good example is our E3 2012 demo with the car accident done by hacking the traffic lights, it depends on the amount of vehicles present at the intersection when it is triggered. Our goal is to give a lot of interesting tools to the player to modify, affect the simulation and let him be creative in using them to achieve his goals."

The aim is to allow the player to choose how they want to proceed, hacking into city systems to alter the gameworld, rather than herding them down predictable mission corridors and forcing them into open firefights. "We are building an AI that supports stealth and shooting with the transitions required between the two states. This means that the player can take advantage of not being seen to engage into gunplay when he decides," Belanger explained. "With this angle, using technology becomes a core component of our game."

However, if you want to treat the game as a shooter, that's OK too. Belanger and his team don't want to force any particular playstyle on you. "We also have a full range of weapons at the player's disposal - from basic pistols to grenade launchers, these can be used anywhere the player wants and it can create quite the mess when a fight breaks out in downtown Chicago," Belanger said. "It becomes even more interesting when you add the range of city hacks and vehicles the player can use in combination with his arsenal."

Watch Dogs is out this November for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will follow.

Published: 08/07/2013

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