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10/10: The Last of Us slays the critics

When a review embargo ends nine days before a game launches, you know its publisher is confident, and SONY had every right to be with Naughty Dog's survival epic The Last of Us. The game has attracted top marks from over 25 websites and magazines, earning a rare 10/10 from Edge magazine, only the 15th in the publication's history.

The word 'masterpiece' has featured often in the appraisals, and reviewers have universally celebrated the quality of the game's storytelling, voice acting and atmosphere. The game currently sits on a spectacular 96 per cent average on review aggregator Metacritic - making it the highest-rated game of 2013 so far.

Eurogamer calls it "a surpassingly confident and handsome survival thriller", making note of its "wonderful, elegant and sad" soundtrack, by Oscar winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla.

"The action moves through a stunning sequence of locations and gameplay variations with a momentum that is unhurried but immense. It's breathtakingly confident game-making," continues the review. "The Last of Us is Hollywood stuff, of course, but the good kind of Hollywood: big-hearted, humane, with just a shade of grey."

It also promises an ending "you won't forget in a hurry", and after a hefty 15-20 hour story, there's still plenty to get your teeth into, with an extensive clan-based multiplayer mode the site calls "a strong offering".

The short wait for its launch next Friday just got even harder. PlayStation 3 owners, prepare to buckle in for what promises to be one of the most thrilling and talked-about games of the year.

Published: 06/06/2013

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