Fable HD remake coming to Xbox 360

Lionhead Studios has released a teaser trailer for a remake of the original Fable, set for release on Xbox 360.

The Guildford-based dev promised "a sneak peek at a little something we've been working on", though the trailer wasn't nearly as cryptic.

It begins with someone typing a tweet addressed to Lionhead, stating simply "I hope someday there's an HD remake of Fable 1". This is followed by several further windows popping up with similar messages, like "Remake Fable1!!!" and "Will the original Fable ever get remade?" As the orchestral score swells, we see the appearance of a familiar face. "I have returned after an eternity away from you all" hisses a sinister voice, as Jack of Blades - the original Fable's antagonist - confirms he's back.

No date has been announced as yet. It's nine years since Fable launched on the original Xbox, so it's possible Microsoft could wait until next year, but with Xbox One on the horizon and the timing of the trailer, it should be here a little sooner than that.

Among the mass of tweets in the trailer is a hint that the content from add-on The Lost Chapters will also be included in the remake. Beyond that, Lionhead is keeping its lips sealed, though Twitter users may want to keep an eye on the #HideTheChickens hashtag.

This could, of course, be the "big surprise" Microsoft was teasing for Xbox 360 owners ahead of E3. Once again, the LA showcase should reveal when we can expect the game, so stay tuned for more.

Published: 04/06/2013

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