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Demo reveals ambitious multiplayer mode for The Last of Us

PlayStation 3 survival horror The Last of Us is one of the most anticipated games of 2013, but developer Naughty Dog has so far been playing its cards close to its chest when discussing the game's multiplayer mode.

However, buried within the code of the survival horror's recent demo - available to those who bought God of War: Ascension - were a number of details that have now been excavated.

It's an ambitious mode that takes a clan-focused approach to multiplayer, giving you a number of non-player characters to fight alongside against waves of the game's fungal foes. Your job is to both train and protect them, while collecting items to convert into supplies. Keep your cabal alive long enough and you can send them on missions to increase their stats, thus improving their chances of survival.

It takes place in the same harsh, unforgiving universe as the single-player game, meaning you have more to worry about than just enemy attacks. It's possible to die from infection or starvation, for example, though each character can learn new skills, from crafting weapons to more green-fingered pursuits - like growing plants that offer healing benefits.

Those concerned about distinguishing their clan from other players' needn't worry: the character customisation feature promises a range of over 150 hats to wear.

You don't have to wait long if you want to dress to suppress. The Last of Us launches exclusively for PlayStation 3 on June 14th.

Published: 03/06/2013

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