The Last of US DLC and Season Pass detailed

SONY's nail biting survival thriller The Last of Us is out in just a couple of weeks, and we've finally learned what extra bits we'll be able to download for the game.

Three major DLC updates are planned. Two will add more maps and other stuff to the game's still-mysterious multiplayer modes. Those more interested in the single player game will get a dedicated story-based download which adds another chapter to the story of Joel and Ellie as they try to stay alive in a world destroyed by a ferocious fungal parasite.

If you opt to buy the game's season pass, you'll save 30% on the price of all the DLC, and will also get some additional perks. You'll be faster at reloading the 9mm pistol, crafting items and healing. You'll also get a capacity upgrade for your rifle, and an exclusive feature length documentary, called Grounded, which takes you behind the scenes at developer Naughty Dog during the making of the game.

The Last of Us is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and goes on sale worldwide on June 14th.

Published: 29/05/2013

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