Watch Dogs release date and special editions confirmed

Ubisoft's open world hack-based action game Watch Dogs will arrive in the UK on November 22nd, the publisher has announced. It'll be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC. The game will also be available for the launch of PlayStation 4, and "other next generation consoles" which is a not-so-subtle way of saying "new Xbox".

The game finds you playing as Aiden Pearce, a fugitive with a knack for data hacking. As you fight to clear your name, you'll be able to interfere with everything from bank databases to traffic signals to meet your objectives. You'll also be able to view the world via an augmented reality overlay that tips you off with information about the characters you meet.

As with other Ubisoft titles, there'll be a range of special versions of the game to choose from. The UK Special Edition, exclusive to GAME, offers the Breakthrough Pack which includes bonus mission and a perk that lowers the cost of in-game cars and even makes some of them free.

Next up the fancypants scale is the Vigilante Edition, also exclusive to GAME. This comes with a baseball cap and mask, modelled on Aiden's outfit from the game, a copy of the soundtrack and the Palace Pack bonus mission, all tucked away inside a collector's box.

Finally, there's the super-duper Dedsec Edition. This includes three bonus mission packs, the soundtrack, an interactive map, collectible cards, three badges, a steelbook case and artbook plus a 23cm Aiden Pearce figurine.

And the good news? You don't even need elite hacking skills to get this stuff. A good old fashioned debit card will do just fine.

Published: 30/04/2013

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