The Last of Us slips into June

The Last of Us, the incredibly promising survival horror adventure from Uncharted creator Naughty Dog, has slipped backwards from its planned release on 7th May. Don't panic too much, however. This isn't like Grand Theft Auto V retreating to September. The Last of Us will now launch worldwide on 14th June, just over a month later than expected.

"In many ways it may be Naughty Dog's most ambitious project to date - a brand new universe and cast of characters, brand new tech, brand new genre, and not to mention it's easily the longest campaign Naughty Dog has ever made," creative director Neil Druckmann posted on the PlayStation Blog.

"As we entered the final phase of development for The Last of Us, we came to realise just how massive Joel and Ellie's journey is. But instead of cutting corners or compromising our vision, we came to the tough decision that the game deserved a few extra weeks to ensure every detail of The Last of Us was up to Naughty Dog's internal high standards."

The Last of Us takes place years after a terrifying fungal plague has decimated civilisation, and follows a grizzled survivor called Joel as he takes a young girl, Ellie, under his wing. Expect gruelling survival challenges, nail-biting stealth and bloody, brutal combat.

The UK Ellie Special Edition will be available exclusively from GAME, and comes with a host of downloadable extras and bonuses for the game's online multiplayer.

Published: 14/02/2013

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