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No multiplayer in Bioshock Infinite

There'll be no multiplayer modes in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite, creator Ken Levine has confirmed.

As recently as August, Levine's studio, Irrational Games, was working on at least two competitive modes for the game. One was a miniature tower defence game set inside a worn out old arcade machine, the other was a co-operative mode which allowed four players to tackle the campaign levels together. "As I've always said we are experimenting with things," Levine said at the time, "and only if they are good enough will we put them in the game."

It now seems like those ideas didn't meet the required standard. Responding to a fan on Twitter, who asked about online play, Levine simply replied: "No multi".

The critically acclaimed first Bioshock game, which Levine also directed, was a single player only affair and certainly didn't suffer for its lack of deathmatches. Bioshock 2, which Levine wasn't involved with, introduced multiplayer to the series.

Bioshock Infinite swaps the undersea city of Rapture for a floating community in the clouds, and switches the 1960s setting of the original for 1912. You'll play as a former Pinkerton agent searching for a missing woman aboard the flying city of Columbia. One of the game's stated aims is to make blue skies and open spaces as terrifying as the dank claustrophobic atmosphere of the first game.

Bioshock Infinite is out next February for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Published: 26/11/2012

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