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Bioshock Infinite special editions detailed

The February release date for the long awaited and much anticipated Bioshock Infinite grows ever nearer, and we've now got details of two special editions for fans who want to really soak in the atmosphere of this stunning looking horror adventure.

Revealed by Bioshock creator Ken Levine on the Irrational Games blog, the Ultimate Songbird edition is the one for the real hardcore fans. Taking centre stage is a nine-and-a-half inch statue of the Songbird, a frankly terrifying looking winged enemy that puts the diving suit wearing Big Daddy in the shade. The box will also contain a linen-bound 64-page artbook, a 25mm Handyman figurine, a propaganda poster lithograph, 3" Murder of Crows bottle keychain and a digital soundtrack.

You'll also unlock three exclusive power-ups for use in the game. Bull Rush makes your melee attacks more powerful, Extra! Extra! gives you cash whenever you find an audio log, while Betrayer makes enemies explode into flame. Xbox 360 gamers also get Booker and Elizabeth avatar costumes, with PC and PlayStation 3 owners getting desktop and dashboard themes.

All of this material, apart from the Songbird statue, is also available in the Special Edition. Both versions will be available for preorder in the UK at the start of next week. Expect them to disappear fast!

Published: 19/10/2012

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